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ဓမ္မစာစုများ (Quotes)


မကောင်းမှုမှန်သမျှ မပြုလုပ်ခြင်း
ကောင်းမှုမှန်သမျှ ပြည့်စုံစေခြင်း
မိမိစိတ်ကို ဖြူစင်စေခြင်း

ဤတရားသုံးပါးသည် ခပ်သိမ်းသော ဘုရားရှင်တို့၏ အဆုံးအမ သြဝါဒပေတည်း။

Historical Background
The Ministry of Religious Affairs was established in order to function various affairs of Sasana even during the period not before gaining the Independence of the Union of Myanmar . According to implementation of new system of administration on 15 March 1972, the Department of Religious Affairs was formed comprising the following departmentts. which were under the Ministry of Religious Affairs:-
  1. Secretriat of the Ministry of Religious Affairs
  2. Division of Religious Affairs Directorate
  3. Division of Pali University and Dhamma-cariya
  4. Division of Pali Education
  5. International Institute for Advance Buddhist studies
  6. Buddha Sasana Council
  7. Tipitakadhara Selection Board


TThe objectives of the establishment of the Department of Religious Affairs are to effectively carry out and function the following matters:-

  1. All people living in the Union of Myanmar have to take faith freely in any religion which they believe and to practise it freely.

  2. As 89.280 per-cent of population of the whole country taking faith in Buddhisam, it is to purify, perpetuate and propagate the three kinds of Sasana of the Buddha namely, Pariyatti, Patipatti and Pativedha.

  3. To promote and cultivate moral conduct and character of people by preserving and promoting traditional and cultural heritage of Myanmar.

The Department of Religious Affairs

The Department of Religious Affairs is established comprising the following four Divisions:-

  1. Religious Affairs and Vinnicchaya Division
  2. Examination Division
  3. Administrative Division
  4. Printing and Publishing Division

Supporting and providing for other religions

The Department of Religious Affairs is consequently carrying out the above-mentioned tasks and besides is implementing to solve and settle disputes arising among other religions. In addition, the Department is also performing to promote other religions respectively. To attend their religious seminars, conferences and meetings at abroad, the Department of Religious Affairs makes necessary arrangements and requirements for them in order to go there. Members of other religions who visit Myanmar are recommended to obtain their further stay-permit. Islamic believers from Myanmar are sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their Haj pilgrimage. Financial aids are yearly granted for other religions and also travelling free-pass is issued to leaders of other religions.

Moreover, ceremonies of Christmas Eve and Easter Day for Christian Community, ceremonies of the Birthday of Prophet Mohammed and IDUL ATHWAHA for Islamic community and Depavali festival and other significant festivals for Hindu community are allowed to be held every year and also their religious talks on their such holy days allowed to be broadcast over Radio Myanmar. Minister, Deputy Minister for Ministry of Religious Affairs and Directors-General of Religious Departments occasionally attend and grace their religious ceremonies.

Financial Aids granted for Religions

A Lump sum of financial aids are yearly granted to respective religous communities as follows:-

Religion Yearly financial grant
(a) Buddhism (Kachin, Kayah, Kayin and Shan) Ks 115000/-
(b) Protestant (Christian Ks 36350/-
(c) Catholic (Christian) Ks 15600/-
(d) Hindu Ks 38500/-
(e) Islam Ks 100000/-
(f) Animism Ks 86550/-

Due to supporting Buddhism and other religions throughout the country, believers in respective religions and their religious buildings are increasing in number as follows:-

Religion Yearly financial grant Religious buildings
(a) Buddhism 89.280% of the whole population
(b) Buddhist monks 226508 58399 Monasteries
(c) Buddhsit novices 25834
(d) Buddhist nuns 34365 2749 Nunneries
(e) Christians 2264884 3265 Churches
(f) Islam (Muslins) 1692898 2266 Mosques
(g) Hindu 228654 464 Temples
(h) Chinese worshipping centres 151